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Thank you for visiting, I hope that during your visit you may find something to your liking.

All asset I have created are listed on this site and are available to download , some from Auran DLS and all from Storegate.

I now only upload to Auran DLS assets which I have created in conjunction with others or assets I have re-skinned and which are required to be available from the Auran DLS as per there Licence for Use.

I make all assets available ‘as is’ in other words you are getting them free, so do not expect perfection. I do not update assets for newer versions of Trainz. Some assets have been updated by others without my knowledge or permission and as such are not listed here.

All assets I created are listed and you may find some are incomplete ar are still work in progress. There will be a note to this effect on the asset information.Click on an asset for more information window.  

There are some rules in the use of the assets, so please read the licence.

If you find a missing link or an error please let me know via the contact form  attached.


Please read the licence prior to downloading any assets. It is available here.